V2C Traffic Flow Management System

Connected driving is the future of road safety and traffic management. 

Quandopasso ™ is the Vehicle to Cloud (V2C) OTT system designed to provide prompt information and instructions to motorists.

It consists of two main items: a cloud based control system and a smartphone “hands-free” application, whose aim is to enhance road safety and minimize traffic congestion, both for drivers and for road managers

Designed to comply with EU C-ITS and C-Roads policies, the system allows for easy and immediate management of traffic flows, reducing traffic times and waits and maximizing the throughput of vehicles on the controlled section

Easily integrable and customizable, Quandopasso ™ (Patent pending) is the best solution for fixed and mobile virtual road signs and direct, official and specific traffic information and advice to drivers, delivered within a safe environment. 


Quandopasso ™ is a new, innovative, patent pending OTT cloud system designed to provide prompt information about supervised road conditions to motorists.

The system allows road managers to visualize and quantify traveling users, and communicate with them directly, through the Quandopasso ™ app downloaded on users’ smartphones.

The Quandopasso ™ V2C (Vehicle to Cloud) system is designed to avoid any interaction between drivers and smartphones, therefore maximizing safety and law compliancy, since all messages are delivered through audio. This is what we mean by “Connected Driving”.

Quandopasso acts as an Over The Top application and can be easily integrated with existing control room systems and information flows.

Additionally the cloud based virtual Control Board allow Road Managers to interact directly with road users, providing them with directions and virtual road signage, either in emergency or normal traffic conditions. Messages and signs can also be assigned to specific area or road section, either in dynamic or fixed form such as virtual variable messages panels

Quandopasso ™ anticipates and fundamentally lays the groundwork for the future of C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems), establishing the communication platform and, therefore, its use, in which it will easily integrate the standards currently being formulated by the European Union.

Quandopasso ™ comes as a SAAS package, with business models customized according to the specific needs of the road managers.


Quandopasso ™ is a V2C tool aimed at traffic flow management and road safety enhancement – both for motorists and road managers – in compliance with EU C-Roads policies

Quandopasso ™ provides the motorists with continuous and updated traffic and route information, as well as official advice and instructions to manage traffic flow continuosly and during emergencies (such as road accidents or adverse weather conditions).

It is designed to allow a direct, official and specific information to the vehicle driver through audio messages; without the distractions of interacting with or consulting a smartphone screen – which is dangerous and therefore, in many cases, illegal – while driving.

Also, being broadcasted as audio messages, Quandopasso ™ can easily be used together with a smartphone navigational tool or app, without interference or service disruptions.

For the road managers Quandopasso ™ is a unique resource for traffic and vehicles monitoring and management, providing as it does direct communication to the users in real time.

Moreover Quandopasso ™ represents a feasible alternative to investment in road signs, variable messages panels and traffic detection systems. The unique identifier technology provided by Quandopasso ™ caters also for many statistical and forecasts needs.

Additionally, upon specific requests, the Quandopasso ™ app can be designed to identify the type of vehicle the driver is managing: from cars to lorries, from trucks to emergency vehicles; therefore providing the opportunity to differentiate messages to a specific drivers’ group.


Quandopasso ™ is a vehicle to cloud system designed to be applied in any, fixed or mobile, road management control room, fully compliant to C-ITS and C-Roads UE policies.
Moreover, as a virtual digital signage system, can be applied in several different applications, such as shopping malls, entertainment and theme parks, wildlife and public areas and many others.

Being provided as SAAS, its cloud based Control Board integration in any operation flow is simple and seamless, as well as being easily configurable to be activated and respondent to specific command sequences and existing procedures.

The Quandopasso ™ smartphone app, provided to be compatible with the most popular operative systems, is free to use and easily activated by any user. It runs in background, therefore maximizing its use as a “hands-off” driving support.

The user’s unique identifier code is automatically generated, upon activation, by the Quandopasso ™ app, without any need of user sensitive data or smartphone identifiers. This to maximize privacy while providing visualization and necessary information (such as position and travel direction) to the road manager.  


Quandopasso ™ has been developed by a team of professionals with different backgrounds; from Telecommunications to IT; from Broadcasting technology to Automotive Industries. 

The management team is based in Italy and Switzerland, with the capability to address road management issues all over the world.

The Quandopasso ™ system is available as standalone or to be aggregated in public and private tenders, and  the app can be provided in the language of choice, or with a multilingual selection option, for distribution.

Our management can easily support Customers in the presentation, insertion and customization of the Quandopasso ™ solution in their projects and tenders, everywhere.

Our preferred business method is the partnership, involving our management in assessing and consulting upon the application and use of our system, directly with the Customers and their teams.


How much additional work will be required to include this system in an existing Control Room?

Besides providing you the Quandopasso ™ Control Board ready to use as a SAAS, we can as well integrate your existing procedures and interfaces (e.g. outgoing emails, activation flows to VMS systems, geolocated traffic information on websites) and import it in our Control Board, to provide a ready system to start with. From there on …

We already have other tools and systems (radio broadcasters, website, mobile app) to provide traffic information to our communities. What value and what implications would bring the adoption of your system?

We can easily import existing sources of traffic information to our system, with limited workload on your side. The Quandopasso ™ mobile app can easily integrate and enrich the already existing channels of communication for motorists, providing information in a more timely and relevant way. You will be able to monitor the transition of users’ …

We already have a branded mobile app that we provide to our motorists, can your system be integrated in it?

Yes, additionally to our SAAS we can provide customized software modules and libraries to include in your existing mobile app. Several options are possible, that need to be discussed within a joint technology team. An additional advantage you will get is providing to your mobile app users the access to traffic information on all other …


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